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Complete Set Equipment

Our complete set equipment mainly consists of complete rice milling equipment.
After extensive market research and consultation with users, we have learned from the strengths and experience of various sets of rice processing equipment at home and abroad, and have carefully designed and optimized a new generation of rice processing equipment. The rice processing complete set equipment completes the upgrading of the original grain, cleans the process of removing the stone, the shelling of the glutinous rice, the separation of the grain, the milling, the polishing, the grading of the broken rice, etc., and the quality of the finished product can fully reach the level of making small-sized packaging. The unit has the characteristics of low pollution, high rice yield, low broken rice rate and bright rice. This complete set of equipment is highly automated, labor-saving, and easy to operate and maintain.
Main features:
1. High separation rate: the gravity screen will separate the brown rice and the rice, and there will be no remaining;
2, the process is simple: the processing flow is clear, simple, easy to operate, easy to learn and understand;
3, save space: compact structure, small footprint, reasonable design, easy replacement of wearing parts;
4, strong machine head: The machine head uses increased bearings and gears, high shelling rate, good stability and durability.
Established in 1952, we are one of professional manufacturers specialized in cheap complete set equipment. With so many quality complete set equipment for sale, we welcome friends at home and abroad to cooperate with our company. We promise to give you the lowest price.