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Complete Set Of Millet Milling Equipment

Complete Set Of Millet Milling Equipment

The complete equipment adopts the new technology of hulled before light grinding. In the traditional process, there are shells in the millet causing crushing and grinding uneven.The equipment is equipped with our efficient cleaning equipment, high efficiency hulling equipment, new grinding equipment and millet efficient classification equipment. The application of these new technologies and equipment makes the equipment high yield, low broken rate and finished millet bright.

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Model: NZJXM

Capacity: 2-3 tons per hour

Price(FOB QINGDAO): USD 30000.00 to USD 45000.00

Power: ≥ 85 kw

DELIVERY TIME: 30 days after confirmation



Our complete set of millet milling equipment is one of the best. This set of equipment is equipped with millet grinding and stripping, removing impurities, stone, small air separation air conveying equipment, sorting and screening, etc. It is highly automated and easy to operate. 

The machine is a complete millet mill. It cleans, removes dust, removes excess impurities, and mills millet.

Millet mill is equipped with various arrangement structures, including automatic feeding, impurity cleaning, stone removal, millet shelling, rough separation and crushing, gravity millet screening separation, millet grinding and polishing, polishing and separation. The mill mill uses a new gravity screen deck to avoid leaving any residue.

This is an efficient processing equipment for millet and grain. It completes grain processing through the millet milling process by shelling, rice separation. It is equipped with a hammer mill that completely crushes the casing and discharges it with oil.



1. Compact structure, convenient for parts repair and replacement.

2. Mechanical stability and low energy consumption.

3. The device is compact in structure and small in floor space.

4. Broken box seamless line, no dead angle, easy to remove and wash, disinfect, easy to change varieties, in line with GMP standards.


The machine grinds raw materials through a combination of impact, friction, and impact between raw materials. The broken material can be discharged through the grinding chamber. In addition, different sizes of granules or powders can be obtained by exchanging screens through different screens. The inner wall is finely finished, smooth and flat, and overcomes the shortcomings of the old model and the accumulation of powder.