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The destoner mainly utilizes the difference of the specific gravity of the material and the suspension speed, and the dry processing of the side stone by means of the air flow and the screen surface.
When working on the stone machine, the material continuously enters the middle of the stone screen from the feed hopper. Due to the vibration of the screen surface and the flow through the material layer, the porosity between the particles is increased, and the material is in a fluidized state, which promotes automatic classification. The heavier than the stone sinker is in contact with the screen surface, while the small proportion of grain floats to the upper layer, and is driven by the gravity, inertial force and continuous feeding, and falls to the net grain export; and the larger stone in the sieve surface vibration system Under the action of inertial force and airflow, it slides relative to the stone surface and moves to the selected area through the polylithic area.
The destoner has the advantages of good stone removing effect, simple structure, small volume and low energy consumption. After the grain is removed by gravity, the stone removal rate is more than 95%. Except for brick and mud, the mud block rate is more than 60%, and the grain loss is small. The removed sandstone contains no more than 100 grains/kg.
The destoner is stable, firm and reliable; the vibration is small and the noise is small. It is made of special rubber bearings for durability and vibration absorption. It has no flying dust during use, and the air volume adjustment is convenient and the range is large. It is mainly used to remove stone debris from different types of food.
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