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Grain Machine

The grain machine is also called grain polishing machine and is suitable for seed processing and agricultural and sideline products processing industries. These equipments are well polished for food crops and nuts such as beans, wheat, grains, mung beans, soybeans, soybeans, red beans, corn, rice, rice, sorghum, barley, rye, barley, adzuki beans, pine nuts, hazelnuts, etc. The effect is especially good for the cleaned legumes.
The equipment has low power, large production capacity, simple operation, no dust at the work site, convenient movement and good polishing effect, which is highly praised by customers.
The grain machine can make the materials exchange movement with the cotton cloth fixed on the screw shaft in the process of fluidization according to the rotation of the screw shaft, so that the material achieves the ideal polishing effect.
The grain machine has the characteristics of reasonable design, convenient movement, reliable work, good versatility, stable operation, high efficiency, low breakage and easy operation. The appearance of the device is beautiful and the internal equipment is highly protective. They are structurally stable, compact in size, modular in design and easy to install. The products processed by the machine are bright and transparent, the finish is good, and the quality of the materials is further improved.
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