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Basic requirements of bucket elevator

- Jul 27, 2017 -

1, hoist should conform to JC460.1 and this standard requirements, and in accordance with the prescribed procedures approved design drawings and technical documents manufacturing, installation and use of this standard, drawings and technical documents not specified in the technical requirements, according to the building materials machinery, mechanical and electrical industry and other relevant general standards for implementation.

2. The limit deviation of the tolerance dimension on the drawing should conform to the GB 1804, in which the machined surface is tTl3 grade, the welding workpiece is not machined on the surface for the ITl6 stage, and the die forgings are machined on the surface of the ITL5 level.

3, welding parts should conform to the building materials mechanical welding regulations.

4. Gray iron castings shall conform to GB 9439.

5, forgings shall not have mezzanine, folding, crack, satin wound, scab, slag and other defects.

6. The hoist shall set up the level meter, the speed monitor and the tape anti-deviation device.

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