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Destoner correct operation

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Threshing to continuously evenly feed into the quantity too large, will cause the drum load is too large, the speed is reduced, the rate of removal and production decreased, the stalk entrainment grain increased, threshing quality decreased, serious when the blockage of parking and machine damage. The feeding quantity is too small, the production rate is low, and sometimes the net rate is also affected. The indexes such as net removal, fast removal, less crushing and low energy consumption are mutually restricted. If you want to clean up, the crushing rate will rise, productivity will decline, energy consumption increases.

Operators should be based on the actual situation, in the "Hand", "eye", "ears" of the close cooperation, "hand" feeling crops dry humidity, dry more feed, wet less to feed; Eye "See whether the grass is unobstructed, drum speed is normal, out of the grass unobstructed more feed, not smooth less to feed;" Ear "Listen to the machine running sound is normal, load loud and low feed, on the contrary, many feed."

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