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Main structure characteristics and function of rice polishing machine

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Various types of polishing rice machine main structure is similar, mainly by the spray water part, polishing part, water supply system and spray mechanism, the feeding device and discharging device is also various types of polishing meter machine important device.

1, spray water part of the spray water by the nozzle, nozzle cleaner, water mixer, feed screw, stirring roller and so on. When the material passes through the flowmeter, the flow is measured, which controls the addition of water.

2, polishing part of the polishing machine is the core part of the mill, by feeding spiral, polishing roller, eight pieces of rice screen composed of octagonal sieve tube, discharge pressure door and other components. The polishing roller According to the nature of the material is divided into iron roller and sand roller, the design should be clear that the sand roller line speed is higher than the iron Roller line speed (iron roller line speed of/around, polishing pressure is higher, the average is 0.1MPa. Sand Roller Line speed is 15m/s around, the polishing pressure is low, the average value is 0.02MPa.

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