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Selection of type of bucket elevator

- Jul 27, 2017 -

As a common lifting equipment, bucket elevator selection by a variety of factors, the wrong model will give users endless trouble. General decision bucket Elevator type selection depends on the following elements:

1, the shape of the material: whether the material is powdery or granular or small block.

2, the physical properties of materials: material has no adsorption or viscosity, whether water.

3, the proportion of materials: General bucket Elevator parameters are for the accumulation of specific gravity under 1.6 of the material design and calculation, too large material proportion need to carry out traction and transmission part of the tensile strength calculation.

4. The amount of transportation within the unit time.

In general, the form of material directly determines the material unloading mode, common law for powdery materials using centrifugal ejection unloading, bulk materials using gravity unloading, and the different ways of unloading the bucket elevator to use the different form of hopper, centrifugal ejection discharge more use of shallow bucket and curved bucket, and gravity unloading need to use deep bucket. Bucket machine adopts different types of hopper, the amount of material transported in the unit time is not the same. Bucket Elevator final delivery is dependent on the form of hopper, bucket speed, material weight, material properties, hopper quantity of a comprehensive parameter. The selection process is as follows: material proportion → transmission mode (bucket model) → material properties → unloading mode → hopper form → This series bucket elevator lifting capacity → determine the model.

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