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Working principle of rice polishing machine

- Jul 27, 2017 -

First brown rice after a lot of grinding white, remove rice and chaff, after spraying water, run rice (so that the endosperm and rice bran adhesion reduced, because the addition of water is very small, only on the surface of the rice form a thin layer of film, coupled with the polishing time is not long, the water content of rice has no effect), and then into the polishing machine of the interior, at a certain pressure and temperature, through friction to make the surface of rice.

Through polishing treatment, not only can clear the surface of rice bran, but also to make the surface of rice starch gelatinization and colloid, starch gelatinization to make up for cracks, so as to obtain luster crystal clear and clean appearance quality, improve the storage performance and practical quality of rice, so the rice polishing treatment is very necessary.

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