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Working principle of Thresher

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Threshing machine Selection of a 3-kilowatt motor and a blower, motor, fan steering and stop by a reverse switch control. The motor is rotated clockwise to feed the corn cob, and the counterclockwise shift is mainly used for the introduction of corn rods and troubleshooting, the blower is used to blow away the crumbs and dregs produced in the threshing. Motor through the pulley, stepless variable speed pulley, synchronous toothed belt pulley, so that the knife plate, the special-shaped cutter rotary cutting corn rod, the work of adjusting steering handle, can make the knife disk speed increase or decrease; another transmission line by the two-stage triangle pulley, worm gear drive three sets of drum rotation.

The roller is equipped with a compression spring, a rubber roller, plastic roller, wherein two groups of rubber roller rotation (feed into the corn stick), rubber roll both play a role, as well as the function of transporting corn rods, the spring can also be adjusted according to the diameter of the corn rod between the two rollers to adapt to the different diameter of corn bar to the requirements of threshing. A group of plastic rollers can be clamped and transported to the scrap bin. The lubrication of knives and knives is made of drip-type oil cups with olive oil. In order to make the structure compact, the knife plate is filled with plastic bearings. The plastic bearing rotates on the shaft.

The main lubrication part of the machine is worm gear, worm and plastic bearings, worm gear, worm using open-type transmission, lubricate with butter; plastic bearings need lubrication when running, select the standard needle valve type oil cup, the volume is 200 ml, and this is equipped with drip-type tubing, the end of the tubing with bolts and oil cup connection, the other end with the bearing oil groove connection. When working, the drip in the Oil cup tubing is adjusted to the size. Lube oil is best used, considering that the price can be tested with other edible oils.

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