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A Brief Introduction Of Bucket Elevator

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Bucket elevator is applicable to higher elevation, the supply of materials through the shaking table into the hopper after the machine automatically running upward transport. According to the transmission volume can adjust the transmission speed, and with the need to choose lifting height, hopper for the design and manufacture, pp non-toxic hopper to make this type of bucket elevator use more extensive, all dimensions are designed and manufactured in accordance with the actual needs, for supporting vertical packaging machine, computer metering machine design, applicable to food, medicine, chemical industry, screws, nuts and other products to improve the material, through the packaging machine signal recognition to control the automatic shutdown machine.

Bucket Elevator is a series of hopper which is evenly fixed on the irrational traction member, and the continuous conveying mechanism of the hoisting material is vertical. Divided into ring chain, plate chain and belt three kinds.

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