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Bucket Elevator

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Bucket elevator is the use of a series of uninterruptedly fixed traction on the hopper, vertical continuous lifting of materials conveying machinery, bucket elevator fixed by a chain or tape attached to the hopper in the vertical or close to Upward transport of bulk material in the vertical direction

Working principle :

The hopper scoops up the contents from below, and as the belt or chain ascends to the top, the top wheel is bypassed and turned down. The bucket elevator pours material into the receiving slot. Belt drive with bucket elevator belt generally use rubber belt, mounted on the lower or above the drive roller and the upper and lower redirection roller. Chain drive bucket elevator is generally equipped with two parallel drive chain, on or below a pair of drive sprocket, under or above is a pair of redirection sprocket. Bucket elevator is generally equipped with a casing to prevent dust flying bucket elevator.

Bucket elevator: suitable for low altitude to enhance the supply of materials through the shaker into the hopper after the automatic continuous operation of the machine shipped.

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