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Causes And Treatment Of Common Faults Of Bucket Hoist

- Jul 27, 2017 -

1, Hopper belt skid

(1) Bucket elevator is the use of Hopper belt and the first wheel of friction between the drive shaft to carry material, the hopper belt tension is not enough, will lead to the hopper belt skidding. At this time, should be immediately shut down, adjust the tensioning device to tighten the hopper belt. If the tensioning device does not make the hopper belt fully tensioning, it is indicated that the stroke of the tensioning device is too short and should be adjusted again.

The correct solution is: The hopper with the joint, so that the bottom wheel of the tensioning device to the highest position, the hopper belt by the hoist head into, through the head wheel and the bottom wheel, and end-to-end connection, so that the hopper belt in the tight and not tight state. Then tighten the tensioning device completely. The tensioning stroke of the tensioning device should not be less than 50% of the full stroke.

(2) When the hoist overload, the resistance moment increases, resulting in the hopper belt slipping. At this point should reduce the amount of material feeding, and strive to feed evenly. If the reduction in the amount of feed, still can not improve the skidding, it is possible that the machine sitting in the accumulation of material too much or the hopper is stuck by the tutor, should stop check, troubleshooting.

2, sprocket skidding, or out of the chain, the user can adjust the heavy hammer lever-type tensioning device, both can achieve automatic tensioning and maintain a constant tensioning force, so as to avoid slipping and off the chain.

3. Hopper Shedding

Hopper shedding refers to the phenomenon that the hopper falls from the hopper belt in production. When the hopper drops, it will produce abnormal sound, to timely stop check, otherwise, will lead to more hopper deformation, shedding; in the connection Hopper's position, the hopper belt tear. The main causes of the hopper shedding are:

(1) Too much feed into the material, resulting in the accumulation of materials in the base, increase resistance, hopper operation is not smooth, is to produce hopper shedding, deformation of the direct cause. At this point should be immediately shut down, pull out the machine under the board, discharge the base of the stockpile, replace the new hopper, and then drive production. At this time, reduce the feed amount, and strive to even.

(2) Feed mouth position is too low general, the hoist in the production, the hopper to fill the material from the feed mouth. If the feed mouth position is too low, will lead to the hopper too late to fill the material, and most of the material into the machine, resulting in hopper scoop material. and material for block, it is easy to cause hopper deformation, shedding. At this point, the feed mouth position should be transferred to the bottom wheel center line above.

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