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EMU Train Braking Plate New Production Line Was Put Into Production Ceremony

- Mar 31, 2018 -

Fu Xing HaoEMU train is an EMU train with complete independent intellectual property rights and advanced level in the world.

Run standard speed up to 350Km/hMake passengers' travel more efficient and more convenient.

Shandong Jingliang Highway Mach. Co., Ltd has core casting technologymakes the company the only company in China that has the qualifications for supporting high-speed rail trains

The company cast high-speed rail EMU brake discs, brake disc intercity train, subway and other rail brake disc brake disc products, the technical indicators have reached or exceeded similar foreign products, can completely replace imports.

March 31, 2018Fu Xing HaoEMU train braking plate new production line was put into production ceremonyattracted many people in the industry to participate in, looking forward to Shandong Jingliang Highway Mach. Co., Ltd  to make more contributions to the manufacturing industry.


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