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How To Maintain The Stone Machine

- Nov 30, 2017 -

    Long-term operation in outdoor production to the stone machine than the work of the interior to the stone machine life is short, because long-term outdoor, through the wind and rain, the environment moist, summer exposure, winter frozen state, how to maintain the stone machine, any stone machine easily corroded, Easy to malfunction! Go to the stone machine is so oh!

So how to use and maintain stone machine, how to extend its service life?

    For long-term stone machine, before use should be opened for a few minutes to heat the machine to help improve the service life of stone, stone at the same time to ensure good lubrication conditions, in order to protect the normal processing of stone, the fuel on the spindle time Should be cleaned once a month.

    Long-term operation to the stone machine, air, water contact will lead to rust to the stone machine, stone machine rust will lead to the operation of the stone machine friction is not flexible, corrosion machinery greatly damaged the stone machine production efficiency and service life!

    How to maintain the stone machine If the stone machine rust, how to do? Fear of Henan grain as a professional stone manufacturer, an obligation dear friend friend: First of all, the use of vinegar rust, vinegar, rust-proof effect, you can first wash with vinegar, then wipe clean, and then deep processing of rice coated with mineral oil. Second, the use of baking soda and pottery water, the rust has been placed in the parts, stirring for a period of time until it floats clean and rusty, but also need to oiled mineral oil. These on the stone machine rust handling small coup is not simple and practical? The use of vinegar, baking soda, pottery water is often in our daily contact with the material, the material is good, the method is simple! You do not try it?

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