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Installation Requirements For Bucket Elevator

- Jul 27, 2017 -

1, bucket elevator must be firmly installed on solid concrete foundation. The surface of the concrete foundation should be flat and horizontal, to ensure the vertical requirement after the bucket elevator installation.

A high height bucket elevator in which the appropriate position of the casing and the upper casing shall be connected with the adjacent buildings (e.g. silo, workshop, etc.) in order to increase its stability. Install the lower parts first, fixed the anchor bolts, and then install the middle casing, after the installation of the casing. The casing is successfully installed, and the verticality is corrected. In all high and low lead line measurement, the error should be less than 10mm. The upper and lower axes should be parallel and the axes should be within the same plane.

The height of the lower bucket elevator installation, you can in the ground plane to the upper, middle and lower casing all connected and more exactly, and then the whole hanging straight fixed on the concrete foundation.

2. After the casing is installed, the chain and Hopper are installed. The U-shaped screw for the hopper link is both a chain joint and a fixed part of the hopper. The nut of U-type screws must be tightened and reliably loosened.

3, the chain and the hopper installed after the appropriate tensioning.

4. Add the appropriate amount of oil and butter to the reducer and the bearing seat respectively. The reducer is lubricated with industrial gear oil. The bearing seat is made of calcium base or sodium base butter.

5, commissioning, after the installation is completed should be carried out empty run. Air transport should note: Can not be reversed, can not have bump phenomenon. Air transfer is not less than 2 hours, should not overheat phenomenon, bearing temperature rise does not exceed 250C, reducer temperature rise does not exceed 300C. 2 hours after the empty operation, all normal can carry on the load test. Load test when the feeding should be uniform, to prevent excessive feeding, blocking the lower part caused by "boring car."

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