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Safety Rules For Bucket Elevator

- Jul 27, 2017 -

1. The hoist is maintained and managed by the designated personnel, and the key of the power switch box is managed by the designated personnel.

2, hoist must have hoist limiter and stroke limiter, the limiter should make the pulley in the lift to the distance reel or pulley 300mm before the automatic stop.

3, hoist should be the maximum load mark, in Ascension, landing weight not overload (1T).

4, after the transmission, check the winch limiter, stroke limiter, interlock switch and other safety devices, sensitive and reliable movement, and test hanging.

5, hoisting, before landing, after ringing warning, can drive.

6, the hoist must not allow manned on, down.

7, after the work, hoist magnets should be landed, and then cut off power, close up and down the guardrail door.

8, often keep the elevator around the environment

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