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What Is A Thresher?

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Thresher is the harvesting machinery, refers to the ability to separate the crop grains from the stems of the machinery, mainly refers to the harvesting machinery of food crops. Depending on the grain, the threshing type is different. For example, "Rice threshing machine" is suitable for rice thresher, which is called "corn thresher" and so on for corn threshing.

Threshing machine, commonly known as "playing the Valley Machine", for the most common rice thresher machinery. After harvesting the rice, it is necessary to separate the rice grains from the stems by this machine. Rice machine is divided into two categories, a class of human-driven, known as the "human-made rice machine," a half mechanized tools, the rice machine to power Drive, it is called "power-playing rice machine." The emergence of rice-beating machine greatly reduced the labor intensity of rice harvesting, and also improved agricultural productivity.

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