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Pre-cleaning Machine

These pre-cleaning machines are new equipment designed and developed by our company for the cleaning of wheat. They are mainly used in wheat primary and first-stage sieving, grading wheat, concentrating light (salted seeds, grass seeds, buckwheat, etc.) and removing sandstone and mud. They can also be used for the cleaning and seed selection of other wheat and cereals.
The machine utilizes the principle of matching wind, vibration and sieve, and has the characteristics of high production efficiency, good classification, sand and gravel, good mud performance, low energy consumption, no dust, low noise, convenient operation and maintenance.
This machine is equipped with a separate suction net, and its effect is more stable and outstanding. They are welded from high quality steel. The screen steel plate is made of manganese plate punched, which is resistant to friction and has a long service life. The transmission mechanism uses imported NSK bearings.
These pre-cleaning machines integrate wind selection and screening into one, which has obvious dust removal and impurity removal efficiency, low energy consumption and easy and reliable use. And the screen can be exchanged according to user requirements, suitable for different material types. They are widely used in large and medium-sized livestock farms, feed mills, farms, food processing centers, and grain clearing screening in food acquisition sites.
Established in 1952, we are one of professional manufacturers specialized in cheap pre-cleaning machine. With so many quality pre-cleaning machine for sale, we welcome friends at home and abroad to cooperate with our company. We promise to give you the lowest price.