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Rice Huller

The rice huller is mainly composed of a fixed wrench, a tightening nut wrench, a brush, a lower hopper, a grinding wheel, a wire brush and the like. The brown rice is peeled and whitened by the mechanical force of mechanical equipment, and the mechanical equipment used is called rice huller.
These rice hullers have novel structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high production efficiency, safety and reliability. They use high-volume, high-speed rice milling technology, with large output, low rice temperature and less crushing. These machines have a movable sand frame and a sheet-like sand roller structure, and can be equipped with a spiral-shaped sand roller in a specific environment. They are equipped with high-quality brand components and have low failure rate and durability. The wearing parts are made of wear-resistant materials and advanced technology, and have a long service life. They are also equipped with current and negative pressure display equipment, adjustable negative pressure and easy operation. Multi-directional discharge structure design, the support is more convenient.
They only shell and moderately grind rice, retain germ endosperm and epidermal nutrients, reduce unnecessary processing, and avoid waste in food processing as much as possible.
The kind of rice huller has two rubber rollers with elasitcity. Gear drive and rigid structure is usded. So the machine runs smoothly. It can hull various paddy in high efficiency and separate husks, unripe paddy and dust from the production micture.
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