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Rice Polisher

Rice polishing machine is a new generation of grain machinery with advanced technology, high efficiency and energy saving after years of technical research and development. Products have passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. Through this series of mechanical processing, it can effectively remove the tantalum powder in rice, improve the antioxidant capacity of rice, and make the finished rice clean and translucent, and extend the shelf life.
In the process of whitening, these devices use a method of controlling humid air to improve and solve the surface damage of the white rice during the polishing process, and to ensure that the surface of the rice grains is smooth and clean. The new polishing machine can obtain white rice with good finish and high rice yield with only a small amount of friction. They enable the white rice to achieve a low weight loss during the polishing process, while at the same time providing the best polishing results, so it is also suitable for cleaning and reprocessing old white rice.
At present, the company's main rice polishing equipment includes: Small Electronic Horizontal Double Wind Pipe Iron Roll Rice Polisher, Double Windpipe Rice Polisher, Big Double Iron Roll Rice Polisher, Horizontal Emery Roll Rice Polisher and so on.
Common features of the product:
1. Suitable for precision polishing of various rice;
2. Fully remove the glutinous rice powder to form a gelatinous layer;
3. Repair the damaged rice grains to make the rice grains smooth and clean;
4. Improve the quality of rice and extend the shelf life;
5. Multi-point spray, current air water technology.
JINGLIANG: Established in 1952, we are one of professional manufacturers specialized in cheap rice polisher. With so many quality rice polisher for sale, we welcome friends at home and abroad to cooperate with our company. We promise to give you the lowest price.
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