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Shaking Machine

The shaking machine is mainly used for grain clearing, seed selection and grading of crops such as wheat, corn, cotton, rice, sunflower seeds, peanuts and soybeans, and the screening effect can reach 98%. It is suitable for the screening of grain by small and medium-sized grain farmers. It is an economical grain-cleaning machine with multiple uses.
The multi-functional belt suction fan vibrating screen has reasonable design, compact structure, high production efficiency, convenient movement, obvious dust removal and impurity removal efficiency, low energy consumption, and simple and reliable use. It can be used in one machine, and can be used indoors and outdoors in a dust bag. It is economical and is a product of the majority of farmers.
Our company takes the modern enterprise system as the core, scientific management as the means, high-quality talents as the foundation, and implements the quality management system in the whole process of production. We are constantly innovating and motivated, and are committed to the technical development and updating of vibration equipment and the management of enterprises. Engineering and technical personnel draw on the essence of advanced shaking machine at home and abroad, and design and produce according to user needs to meet market demand.
Established in 1952, we are one of professional manufacturers specialized in cheap shaking machine. With so many quality shaking machine for sale, we welcome friends at home and abroad to cooperate with our company. We promise to give you the lowest price.